Prismic Pharmaceuticals is a development-stage specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on the research and development of patent protected products with unique safety profiles to address inflammation and oxidative stress associated with Renal and Mental Health Disorder.

In addition to Renal and Mental Health Disorders, our products in development have significant positive data relating to chronic and peripheral neuropathic pain disorders, and certain ophthalmic conditions, all of which we plan to make available to patients through partnerships and licensing agreements with other companies for the United States and international markets.

​The company was founded by pharmaceutical and medical food industry veterans, Peter Moriarty (Warner-Lambert, Schering-Plough, and Shire Co-Founder); Zachary Dutton (Laxdale, Efamol, Primus); and Danilo Casadei Massari (Fidia, CM&D Founder).

Prismic Pharmaceuticals