Prismic Pharmaceuticals

Prismic Pharmaceuticals is pursuing innovation in its broadest sense: innovation in our product portfolio, our approach to pricing, marketing, and sales, and in our operating economies and levels of productivity per head.

Prismic’s product strategy is built around developing products that meet a clear medical need in our target population and are supported by strong science. Prismic’s strategic development, based on these key principles, will follow three dynamic growth paths: First, the company will formulate, develop, and market patent protected products that conform to the requirements of the Orphan Drug Act's Medical Food classification, and are indicated for the dietary management of the metabolic process associated with defined disorders of the central nervous system.

Second, the company will expand its product portfolio and therapeutic areas of interest by pursuing in-licensing opportunities, particularly relating to novel products that address disorders associated with the aging population where inflammation is an underlying or significant cause of the disorder.

Third, the company will seek to partner with one or more pharmaceutical and/or nutritional companies in order to maximize the considerable commercial opportunities our IP offers for prescription products and nutritional supplements in the above mentioned areas.  Prismic’s operational strategy includes minimizing the number of direct employees and maximizing the use of technology to achieve exceptional levels of productivity and profitability. This will include, but not be limited to, the use of web-based tools and video meeting technology to conduct a large portion of its interactions with members of the medical profession. This would run the gamut from key opinion leader meetings to speaker programs, medical science liaison support, and face-to-face educational and detailing sessions in the homes or offices of target physicians and other healthcare influencers.